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Our Purpose

Our family has been farming in Kansas since before Kansas became a state. Per capita, beef consumption is about ½ of what it was in 1970. The industry has become focused on cheap production, not quality.  Beef producers and beef consumers deserve better. That is what we have set out to do. We sell directly to beef consumers, whole beef, half,  quarter beef, bundles, or by the package. Our focus and sincere desire is for our customers to have a great eating experience. The use of classic Hereford genetics, proper feeding, good animal husbandry, low-stress handling, and not using synthetic growth hormones are some of the tools we use to build a stellar product. Our products are processed at a local locker plant (Simon Meat Locker in Olsburg, KS). We price our product competitively with grocery stores while providing a better product. 

Get to Know Us

Ross and Melissa Wahl are the owners of Wahl Beef. Their family has been farming in Riley County, KS since before Kansas was a state. Ross and Melissa have three daughters whom they love and are incredibly proud of. Ross and Melissa have a passion for teaching the public about agriculture and beef production and are active parts of their community. 

Our Herefords are linebred back from the bull "Anxiety 4th", you can find out more about them at

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